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What We Offer

Large Jug Containers: 5 gallon or 3 gallon.
Cases of Poland Spring: 1 gallon,16.9 oz, 0.5 liter, 8oz, 24 oz Sports bottles.
Distilled Water: 5 gallon jug containers or by the case. Often these are used for Medical Devices, Baby Formulas, Laboratories, Machinery, Dentistry and more.
Bulk Orders: We offer deliveries in large quanities of purified, spring or distilled.
Coffee Equipment and Products: Complete coffee service available such as coffee brewers, machines, Keurig systems, Keurig coffee K-cups and more.
Break Room and/or Office Supplies: Sugar, sweeteners, stirrers, tea, hot chocolate and more.
Water Coolers for Home and Office: Oasis Coolers and dispensers are available for sale and rent. Repairs are also available, please contact us.

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